All orders of bread, cakes and greens made by our cut-off (Thursday, 12 PM), will be delivered the following Saturday/Sunday.
All orders of bread, cakes and greens made by our cut-off (Thursday, 12 PM), will be delivered the following Saturday/Sunday.
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Organic Farm

Conscious Collective Manila is the exclusive distributor for Villa Fuscagna Farms who are DTI, BIR and FDA registered and are the only PhilGAP (Philippine Good Agricultural Practices)-approved pepper grower in the Philippines by the Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Plant Industry.

Pure & Clean
  • They go beyond the requirements set by the Philippine's Food and Drug Administration and certification by the Department of Agriculture. 
  • The critical additional step that they take is to treat all products with heat at 100C for 8-12 minutes (before packing and sealing).
  • This does not affect the taste and longevity of the spices’ shelf life but ensures that 99.9% of any bacteria, pathogens and food-born viruses are killed.
  • When you use Villa Fuscagna Farms products uncooked, you’re sure that extra steps have been taken to meet the highest standards for food safety!

No chemicals!

  • Villa Fuscagna Farms also grows organically a variety of leafy greens to create nutritious, delicious fresh salads.
  • The plants are grown organically.
  • No fungicides, pesticides or herbicides are applied to the crop. Ever! 
  • Fertilizers are natural and in particular our vermicast is produced on site with the assistance of several hundred thousand African Night Crawlers.


  • All of our production is grown at our farm located at Mt Malaryat Road, Sto Nino, Lipa.
  • We wash and package on site. Therefore we are able to document a single source and control the supply chain from the farm to your purchase point.
  • You will therefore know exactly where your purchase came from and can be assured by our control of its movement to your purchase point. 


  • All spices are dried in solar tunnels to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Typically there are three middlemen between the farmer and the consumer and three transport steps with associated costs...
  • Our structure has only one vendor in finished product form and therefore contributing to the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Your purchase helps us with our advocacy in sustaining the livelihood of farmers and their families. They also get the best deals and profit from our produce and products. 
  • Our farming partners receive a higher return from our partnership than they could otherwise obtain in the open market.
  • In this way we collectively share the financial benefits of producing Grade A products.
  • The vast majority of your purchase price goes to the hard working farming families in Sto. Nino that make the product possible. 

All greens are harvested the day before delivery.